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FAQ's / troubleshooting

frequently asked questions for internet access


I'm a New User,  how do I create an account?

A new user account can be created by clicking the Add User button at the top left of the login page. You will be required to provide a UserID and Password of at least 5 characters in length. The email field is optional, but if provided, must be in the format valid for email addresses. If you provide an email address, a receipt for your purchase will automatically be sent to you.


What are the Wifi Plans I can purchase, what is the cost, & how do I pay?

 • Plans of 1, 7 or 30 days duration are available. See the table below for pricing. Due to standard Broadband services not being available in some extreme rural areas, special pricing and/or suplements may apply at some sites. Plans and pricing available at a specific site will be displayed after creating a new user account or after logging in with an expired plan using an existing user account.


• You can pay by credit card online or 


• At participating sites you can pick up an IAC Rechargeable Card and put value on the card using cash.


• Ensure that when topping up an IAC Rechargeable Card with Cash for use on Wifi you put on sufficient credit to purchase a Plan, you cannot "Pay-as-you-go" as with the Kiosks.




    Data    Price        Expires     
2 hours500MB$52 hours after first login
1 day100GB$724 hours after first login
7 days1TB$257 days after first login
30 days5TB$6030 days after first login


 ****Please note prices may vary at some sites****.


I get a Security Warning when connecting to the IAC Hotspot, why?

On initial connection you are diverted to the IAC login page, if the website you initally selected starts https://... or diverts to a secure page, e.g. Google, you will get a security error. Some Browsers may allow you to ignore this "error" and continue, but it is safer to always initially connect to a page starting http://.... or set your Browser to a default blank page. Safe websites to use as an initial starter page are generally Media sites such as www.tvnz.co.nz, www.stuff.co.nz, cnn.com


What is pricing policy on Kiosks?

Kiosk pricing has two elements:-

1. Seconds per NZ$, most sites are set to give 12 minutes of time per NZ$, however some sites may vary, notices adjacent to the Kiosks will inform you if pricing is different from the norm.


2. Time/stored value is now deducted in 15 minute blocks, so at a site set for 12mins/$, stored value on an IACCARD will be deducted in NZ$1.25 blocks. Cash can currently only be put on IACCARDs in whole $ values, so it is best to recharge the card in $1.25 multiples, e.g. $5.00... 


How do I upgrade by Browser?

You can upgrade to Firefox by clicking here. Note this is deliberately an older version of Firefox to ensure it is compaitble with most operating systems. This link is for Windows Laptops only.


Where is the wireless icon?

• The wireless icon is in your taskbar, which is located at the bottom right-hand side of the
screen (Windows), or at the top right-hand side of the screen (Mac).


• The wireless icon may be missing or have an X though it, in this case your Wireless adapter may be switched off, look for a physical switch on the device, maybe labelled Wireless or Flight Mode. Alternatively the Wireless adapter may have been 'soft' disabled. Right click the icon and select Properties, find the adapter and right click on the icon, if disabled you should have an Enable option.


• You may need to open the wireless connection manually to view the available networks. Go to:

- (Windows XP) Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Network - Connections

- (Windows Vista) Start - Connect to

- (Windows 7) Start - Connect to

- (Mac) Apple - System Preferences - Network


I can't see the IAC network/ my signal strength is low

• Try turning your wireless device off and on again and wait for a few minutes. MS Windows often won't correctly resume the Wireless device if the Laptop has been put in 'sleep' mode.


• The signal may be low in your area, so try moving to a different area of the property/ building. You will have the best signal when you have line of sight with the wireless antenna, usually located on the top of the reception or amenities building


The IAC network is listed as ‘unsecure'

• Hotspot networks are almost always listed as unsecure as they require no password to allow you to join them. However, if you go to a secure site such as Internet Banking or most (but not all) online shopping sites, that site will provide end to end security between their site and your Browser. Look for a padlock symbol in your Browser this indicates a secure session, clicking on the padlock symbol will generally give you some extra information on the level of security provided. Email is generally not secure unless your Email provider supports secure email and you have specifically configured this in your Email software.


How do I log in with an IACCARD card?

• IACCARDs have a UserID and scratch off panel hiding the Password. UserIDs and Passwords are not case sensitive and are an English word followed by some punctuation and numeric characters.


• On Wireless use both the UserID and Password.


• On Kiosks enter only the UserID in the box provided at the top of the screen.

I'm running out of time/ data but I'm not finished yet

• On Wireless our current system doesn't allow you to purchase a new Plan before the old one expires. When you login with an expired plan you will be guided through the process of selecting a Plan and purchasing it. There are plans to implement the ability to top up an existing plan before it expires.


• On Kiosks you can press the Hold button at the top of the screen, this preserves your session for 5 minutes to allow you to Recharge your card. Just enter the UserID again to unlock the session.


Where else can I find IAC Hotspots

• The "Locations" button on the Wireless login page will give you Free access to this website and will show you our 200+ sites nationwide


Why do I keep getting bounced back to the log on page?

• Check error message - if it is "username or password invalid", try re-entering


• If you receive the message "You currently connected with another device", this means you have either attempted to login twice with the same account on different devices or the Hotspot has not detected that you have attempted to logoff. Follow the instructions on this page on How do I logoff? If you want to use multiple devices simultaneously, you must setup additional accounts and purchase plans for them


Why can't I send emails?

• Outgoing SMTP email traffic on Port 25 may be unsuccessful for a number of reasons, all of which are outside IAC's control. Due to the ever increasing problem of Email Spam some Internet Service Providers or Email Proviers may enforce their own blocking to their servers. Port 25 is a very old method for email submission and should no longer be used. It is suggested that you refer to your Email provider for a more up to date method of email submission. Most Email providers should support SMTP submission on Port 587 or SMTPS (SSL Encrypted SMTP) on Port 465. Regrettably, Vodafone accounts are particularly difficult to send email from when away from your home or office network. The Internet Standards for Email are quite clear, but unfortunately some providers do not conform to the standards.


• If all else fails, the vast majority of Email providers will have a Webmail interface, this should always work and is the recommended way of sending email when away from your home or office network.


How much data or time do I have left?

Your remainging time/data is displyed on the status screen after logging in, this is refreshed every 60 seconds. Currently our software is undergoing some changes and there will be a new method of checking available time/data in the My Account section in the near future.


How do I log off?

• Follow instructions on the status page, this is only presented if you have allowed popups in your Browser for wifi.iacwifi.co.nz or


• Disconnect from the hotspot or


• Turn off your Wireless adapter using the "Flight Mode" switch or


• Turn off your laptop or


• Type https://portal.iacwifi.co.nz/cgi-bin/public.cgi into your Browser address bar and you will be returned to the logout page if logged in or the login page if logged out.


• If you forget to log off, the system automatically logs you off after 60 minutes of inactivity. However, any application which intermittently connects to the Internet, e.g. VPN or Email Client, will cause the connection to remain open and never timeout


How do I contact the iac support team?

Email: wifi@internetaccesscompany.co.nz, please provide as much information about the problem as you can. As a minimum we need the affected UserID and the location at which you are trying to connect. Without this is impossible to provide support via email. Security related information regarding forgotton UserIDs and Passwords will not be handled via email you must call our Free Support line.


Phone: 0800 44 00 50 and select option 2 for Technical Support.


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